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New Lodge Name and Totem - and First Lodge Flap

Brothers, In our progress as merging our lodges, we have chosen a totem at our last LEC and the saber tooth tigerwas selected. Our corresponding lodge name is Tuku'ut. We are receiving lodge flaps ideas for our first...

Ta Tanka 2015 Trade-O-Ree

Ta Tanka Lodge will host its 2015 Trade-O-Ree on Saturday December 12 from 8 AM to 4 PM. The silent auction starts at 9 AM and the live auction at 1 PM.The event will be held atSt. Mark's Lutheran Church2323 Las LomitasHacienda...

Lodge Merger Process

Fellow GLAAC OA Brothers,       To kick off our Merger Process the LEC Members of both Lodges met in November to begin to talk about the Merger and Steps needed in order to be a Fully Merged Lodge. So far our Lodge...