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Section W4S Conclave

Ta Tanka Lodge is part of Section W4S which puts on an annual Conclave, a local gathering of lodges that include training, fellowship, sports, shows, and other fun and exciting things. The section has the following member lodges, and each year conclave is hosted by a different member lodge.

  • Ta Tanka Lodge, San Gabriel Valley Council
  • Cahuilla Lodge, California Inland Empire Council
  • Wiatava Lodge, Orange County Council
  • Tiwahe Lodge, San Diego - Imperial Council

Section W4S is a geographical section of the Western Region of the Order of the Arrow. Sections contain anywhere from 3 to 8 lodges. Western Region, which covers the western half of the United States as well as 5 countries in Southeast Asia, has a total of 13 sections. Click here to see the other sections in the region.

A section has 2 purposes, one is to put on a section Conclave each year, and the other is to help out its member lodges when needed by having "Lodge Assistance Visits". The Section Council of Chiefs meet every couple of months to plan each year's conclave. The council includes a Section Chief, Section Vice Chief, Section Secretary, Lodge Chiefs and various appointed Conclave Vice Chiefs (CVCs). The Section officers are voted on during each Conclave.

Prior to August 2008 Ta Tanka Lodge was part of what was known as Section W4A, which included lodges in Los Angeles and Ventura counties, however in 2008 the Western Region of the BSA had a region-wide realignment that affected the Order of the Arrow's Western Region as a result, creating new Sections. Our Lodge became part of one of these new sections, Section W4S, with the lodges listed above. Click here for more info on the realignment.

For the latest information on Section W4S's Conclave, visit the Section W4S Website at